MP3: Capullo - "Pretextos"

It seems that guitar-driven '90s revival acts won’t be the only popular tendency that transports us to that decade this year. Capullo’s new single, “Pretextos,” evokes the kind of dance pop that, mixed with subtle house elements, generated a great number of hits during that period. However, the track goes further into provocatively exploring this aesthetic, introducing us to a sparkling reinvention of that era that resembles acts like Jeans or Paradiso, accurately including parts with disco strings, which work deliciously and also remind us of our recent obsession with them.

Still in demo version, “Pretextos” is already one of Capullo’s most engrossing singles, one that invites the listener to let go and simply have a very good time. The group’s lyrics remain as amusing as ever; this time around, the song’s protagonist finds any excuse to avoid her kind of douchebag boyfriend who, with his “muchas mujeres,” considers her “un billete perdido en la inmensidad.” It’s a point in a couple’s journey (young characters in this case) where neither of the members will probably end up as good friends and also a heartrending realization about a relationship’s pathless course.

♫♫♫ "Pretextos"