Nacotheque's Jalloween Mix. by Amylulita

You guys remember our Rocolas? It brings nostalgia just thinking of them, not because of what they were but because back then I was trying to be like Nacotheque’s Marcelo Cunning and Amylulita. They’re New York’s coolest party hosts and in the development of this blog, their awesome mixtapes helped me appreciate Latin American pop on its most flashy flamboyant way (blame them). Remezcla has this awesome Jalloween Mix by Amylulita, two sides of pure fun for tonight’s celebration. Download!

Mister Chivo. “Soy Dracula” / Amandititita. “La Mata Viejitas” / Kinder Porno. “Mi novio es un Zombie Null / Desechables. “Labios Ardientes / Rocky Horror Show. “Que le ha pasasado al sábado? / Andres Pajares. “Dracula Ye-Ye” / Timbiriche. “El Baile del Sapo.” / Waldorf Historia. “Vampiros Adolescentes” / Paralisis Permanente. “Sangre” / Kinky. “A donde van los muertos?”

Alaska y Dinamarca. “Mi novio es un zombie”/ McNamara. “Soy Dracula / Shakira. “Loba” (Quemadiscos Mix) / Loco Mia. “Loco Mia” / Los Querubines Negros Molocotongo. “La Cumbia Metalera” / Miser Chivo. “El Monje Loco” / Mister Chivo. “El Hombre Lobo” / Lost Acapulco. “Que monstruos son” / “Adam’s Family Theme Song” / The Moontrekkers. “Night of the Vampire”


  1. it's pretty cool, I'm kinda digging "loba" lately.. hmmmm

    my favorite song here is the Timbiriche one, also Desechables and Andres Pajares DRACULA YEYE!

  2. El Dracula Ye-Ye es un clásico de culto!!!!! Siempre está en la programación de la radio de ROCKENLASAMERICAS :)

    Hey, you made a difference between Latin American Pop and Latin Pop?

  3. Amylu is so cute.
    She rocks! :D
    I love the mix btw :p

  4. Great tracks check the tracks that I post on my blog let me know if you like it. Cheers