Video: "Nosotros Los Rockers", Piyama Party

Here is the charmingly explicit new video by Piyama Party, who recently released one of the year’s best rock albums (review + download here). “Nosotros Los Rockers” is the opening track from Mas Mejor, and I guess this video would make it the third single from it following the very awesome “Solo te veo en bodas” and bestoftheyear contender “Fan de Carcass.” The two cute cats and the dog wearing pajamas on the album cover are injected some stop motion in this animated short. Loving the modularity of the video, the cardboard look and the Sonic Youth poster, oh those naughty rockers. Not to repeat myself, this is an excerpt from my album review regarding this song. “Nosotros Los Rockers” is a bittersweet manifesto to anyone who has been on a band; it really puts the audience at the same level by telling us about their bootleg disc by The Strokes and their need for guitars and a new amplifier. It really establishes an eye-level agreement that is respected all throughout the album.