Video: "Lo Comandas", Banda de Turistas

We got the new Banda de Turistas CD a few days ago and it sounds pretty good, honestly, we didn’t know about them until recently. Their previous 2007 release, Magico Corazon Radiofonico was one of the most praised rock albums of last year, how did we not picked up on it? I have no clue; it’s one of those rare occasions that remind us that we are settled in the U.S. and people say it takes longer for music to get to us. Or maybe we were just too occupied with Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano.

I’m currently in love with “Todo mio el Otoño”, “Un Verdadero Cajon de Madera” and the title track. Let’s bring a new line of favorites, their sophomore album El Retorno is said to have U.S. distribution already. Here is the video for their new single titled “Lo Comandas”, loving the pentagonal shape, its cosmic surrounding and the five cool charismatic kids playing rock stars. It’s not too hard to understand why Adrian Dargelos (from Babasonicos) calls them the new great Argentinean band.