Esteman - "No te metas a mi Facebook"

When we tell you Julieta Venegas is our lost fonogramatica sister it’s for reals, she’s got an awesome taste, or so we think so; just look at our MySpace top friends and Julieta’s top friends and you’ll notice what I’m talking about. If you’re already following her you probably know a bunch of new bands and today she linked her 15,000 followers to Colombia’s Esteman. We don’t get many male solo pop acts and this is an exciting one, Esteban Mateus Williamson is as infectious as one can get. His first single (and probably first hit) is titled “No Te Metas En Mi Facebook”, I was expecting a dull song or at least an overcute piece too sweet to feel sympathy for, I was right... in part.

Esteman recollects pop’s norms and makes beautiful music, just like Capullo’s “No Conectado”, he has made a wonderful song on social networking and it’s so bouncy and saucy that it bursts in virtue from begining to end. It could’ve been an annoying song (many will find it annoying), but the guy masters his music with Timberlake-meets-Glee charisma. This is pop in excess on a thrilling up-tempo string (something we also love from Emmanuel Horvilleur), and look at this video, it’s wonderfully choreographed and to its fortune, very commercial. “Cuando escribas melodrama, no me lo hagas en el wall.”