Neon Indian covers Piero's "Mi Viejo"

Many have asked why we’re not going nuts over Neon Indian, or if we know about it. Of course we’re aware of Alan Palomo; we actually met him some time ago while he was singing some Spanish-language songs, the guy and the people around him are very creative people. Honestly, I’ve had a rough time digesting his songs, but his CD arrived a few days ago and it sounds pretty good as a whole. It will be interesting to see how his live shows have evolved; I suspect they have changed greatly. The blog fuzz has been on fire over Neon Indian lately; not to mention he just got a BestNewMusic tag at Pitchfork. Here is a performance by Neon Indian covering Piero’s classic “Mi Viejo”, it’s nothing like “Should Have Taken Acid With You” or any of his other promotional songs, people are bound to be surprised.