ZZK Mixtapes Vol.7 - King Coya

I'll eat my words for my upcoming review of King Coya's Cumbias de Villa Donde (out now digitally through Nacional Records), to post ZZK's Mixtape Vol.7. It's an amazing set by King Coya (Gaby Kerpel), I could keep writing but instead, I'll just paste the release text, also, I declare "Un niño que llora en los montes de María" as one of my ultimate favorite tracks from our latest compilation.

King Coya, from the Northern Argentine Andes, is the digitalized, imaginary version of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklore with electronic music.

For the newest ZZK mixtape, Vol. 7, King Coya proposes a collection of tracks from his first album, Cumbias de Villa Donde, mixing, remixing, and mashuping songs that have got plenty a Zizek Club crowd a movin, (his "English Lesson" opener is a Zizek classic if there ever was one). Petrona Martinez, Missy Elliot, La Yegros, PG13 from Calle 13 are some of the voices that appear among the flow of downtempo "cumbias from anywhere" and Latin American folkloric music. Enjoy the ride.