Me voy por unos días y Teleradio Donoso se separa.

It took me two weeks to get back to blogging, for those who don’t know I had a little incident with my laptop, not having any backup machine prevented me from coming back. I don’t have the cash to buy myself another laptop yet but I did convince the school’s tech department to allow me to access blogger through a school desktop, it took me a while to convince them all the music I post is actually here legally (they were concerned). For the meantime, my niece was nice enough to let me borrow her PC while she enjoys her fall break. So I’m still struggling a bit to run this show, I’m just happy to be here anyways. Mad props to Jean-Stephane for helping me out with our new compilation, which seriously is amazing and you’ll get to download it later this week.

Back to the post’s title, we learn Teleradio Donoso has quit, very sad news for this blog, we’re their biggest fans. Seriously, those guys are awesome, and Bailar y Llorar is full of SONGS, it’s so underrated. I can’t help but feel nostalgic even if they had a very short career, and yes, I pulled up their albums to remind myself of the good times. We’ll definitely keep an eye on their careers, particularly that of Alex Anwandter, who I’ve been claiming is Latin America’s most valuable male popstar, seriously, he could be our Justin Timberlake (minus charisma) if he wanted (I’m saying that on the nicest way possible). Hopefully he’ll be back soon, as we informed you, he’s teaming up with Gepe for an upcoming project.