Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "Equeibol" (Acustico en Vivo)

Carlos asked me to post this 'demo' because he wants to save some compliments for the upcoming Rita Indiana y Los Misterios debut album. Well, I guess he’s just passing that task on to me, because I have nothing but amazing things to say about our favorite new act. No, we’re not over hyping it, it’s been years since we’ve been sharing music and this is one of the most exciting projects we’ve witness. Rita Indiana is one of those characters that come every few years or so to reshape the way we think about music, her use of space and story-telling abilities are groundbreaking, so intimate and yet so wonderfully accessible.

Dominican music had never been so appealing to us and we feel confident to call Rita Indiana y Los Misterios as today’s best new alternative band and Rita as one of the most creative personas from our region. And believe us, we’re no longer easily amazed by those bands recollecting roots music and twisting it, this is so much beyond that. We got this new cool acoustic and trashy recording titled “Equeibol” (as in skateboard), the quietest track we’ve heard thus far. “Voy a empeñar los aretes de mi mai pa comprame un equeibol … cuando yo tenga equeibol voy a rodar como ellos en un equeibol.”