Panamérika Presents Aeiou @ Sónar

Former Red Bull Music Academy inductee Juan Son and Blonde Redhead’s Simone Pace were documented during their performance as Aeiou at this year’s Sónar. We rarely highlight this kind of video unless it’s pretty special, and this is pretty darn special. After not knowing how to categorize their music, the New York-based duo grabbed the most exotic pieces out of their wardrobe and enchanted the festival’s overwhelmed audience. As Panamérika highlights, they also performed a piece of “Cucurrucucú Paloma.” This is a big step forward for Juan Son as a performer after that memorable, disastrous performance at 2008’s Coachella (as Porter) and the also technically-flawed recital at 2009’s SXSW. The aesthetics are also a progression from Son’s usual costumes, which used to include a slice of pizza and an ice cream cone. Aeiou’s debut, Space Hymns, is still waiting for a proper U.S. release (and a proper review from us), but it has been picked up for distribution in Mexico by EMI. If you aren’t too desperate for a physical copy, you can buy/stream the entire album at Bandcamp.


  1. El traje de Juan esta bien Bjorkish. Me decepcionó la portada y el arte de este proyecto, esperaba algo más espectacular... apena oyendo el disco, suena bien.

  2. Juan simpre ha sido fan de Björk y eso es obvio desde el dia 1 de porter hasta el presente.
    Y no creo que la presentacion de Coachella fuera un desastre, para ser el ultimo show que dieron fue buena.
    Para desastres, lamentablemente tendriamos que hablar del "Mermaid Sashimi."

  3. hey, por qué dicen que Porter en Coachella fue un desastre? Hay algún artículo sobre ello? o en que se basan?

    saludos !


  4. Woah. THAT's what i call a strange costume, even for Juan's standards.