Video: MKRNI - "Srta. Robinson"

MKRNI’s “Humedad” is one of the undeniable hits of the summer with an actual chance to transcend into a long-term collective pop conscious. While their highly celebrated single rises in popularity, the Chilean trio gets ahead of its game releasing their second single, “Srta. Robinson.” MKRNI’s myriad skills for dancefloor currency keep things catchy and fresh, negotiating beats and space in a syncopated fashion. The video features kaleidoscopic footage from their current tour. Here, the band sounds closer to Sleigh Bells than to their usual comparisons (Yelle, CSS, Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser), and this is certainly a more upbeat track on the infamous “Mrs. Robinson.” Simon & Garfunkel might not approve of this full-blown interpretation of the cougar icon, but I’m sure it’s closer to what the character’s creators Calder Willingham and Buck Henry had in mind.