Video + MP3: Roman S - "Your Voice"

Our club is having a major crush on Roman S, a techno pop extraordinaire who is quickly climbing into the cream of the crop of Chilean pop. Fully immersed and enunciated in dance floor vogue, Roman is responsible for some of the year’s most transfixing jams. He regularly collaborates with Mamacita, explores hip hop rooftop sensibilities as DJ Ro$t, and cooks generational gems with his band MKRNI. “End of Times” is the title of his recent contribution to our latest compilation, Sebastián, a song that comes to validate Roman’s harmonious union with the zeitgeist. Video stylist Nicolás Oyarce dusted off a few VHS tapes and plays with analog nostalgia in “Your Voice.” In this song, Roman is not only in bursting control of his beats, he also sings with a crooner sensibility that is anything but obsolete.

Nicolás Oyarce recently put together a NSFW video for Mamacita’s “Besame,” a Chatroulette marathon with plenty of male genitalia. Unfortunately, we can’t post it here because we already have two strikes with Blogger’s NSFW guidelines, but you can watch the NSFW clip on Vimeo.