Video: Fred Lorca - "Animal Bueno"

Fred Lorca is one of the most introspective characters we’ve encountered among the remarkable Vale Vergas catalog and after his impressive 2009 debut, Cosas Que Suceden, he is back into his pop cult with his latest LP, Cuchita Club. This is the one-man project by Argentine-born multi-platform artist Christian Dergarabedian. Like Brooklyn’s Helado Negro, Santiago de Chile’s Voz de Hombre and Madrid’s Anti, Lorca’s responsiveness to sonic texture takes him to the most rumbling corners of pop songcraft. “Animal Bueno” is the opening track on his new album and shows progression in almost every layer of Lorca’s rich melodic assembly. This flat-out gorgeous clip by Barcelona-based art director Nico Casavecchia is a great companion to a venturesome piece that’s at times eye-popping and surreal and at times breathtakingly humorous. Inventively drawn and self-governing in its motion, this clip also brings Lorca’s crooner vocals closer to a never-ending summer chillwave.