Stream: Olga - "Hacer Pie"

Hold yourself for one of the most beautiful pop numbers you’ll probably get to hear this year. Olga is an electroacoustic duo from Buenos Aires with a swirling electronic canvas and a soft spot for the melodramatic song. Following their successful 2007 debut, Flora y Fauna, Flor Zavadivker and Roger Delahaye are once again on of the verge of flickering success with their phenomenal new single “Hacer Pie.” Before reducing my excitement to a passing introspective blurb, allow me to add this band to the group of people who care about the structure of a song as much as its soundscape (think Javiera Mena and Dënver).

“It’s best you ensure your walk, the pool is so full you won’t resist the temptation of throwing yourself.” This temptation motif is utilized throughout the song with tremendous lyrical grace and reflective surfacing. The track enters with a courteous gothic vehemence on emotional sanity and quickly marches toward progression through wispy ambiance and melodic submission. It’s also catchy as hell. “Hacer Pie” is Olga’s first single off their forthcoming sophomore album, Gracias Tonales. If this single is any indication, we should be getting ready for a beguiling album full of conflicting synths, acoustic flirtations, and quasar nihilism.