Video: Babasónicos - "Muñeco de Haití"

Transnational labels often get things messed up within their branches, which is why those of us based in the States never got a chance to watch Babasónicos’ video for “Deshoras.” This time around Universal Music got their act together for the release of “Muñeco de Haití," one of the most upbeat tracks on their latest album, A Propósito. Like in the quality of their albums, Babasónicos rarely disappoint with music videos, and their latest is yet another visual knockout. The video starts with Babasonicos looking like Ghostbusters or astronauts of some sort, until they release a village of bees into a national bank. The flying insects transform the corporate building into a disco, stimulating some truly fascinating dance moves. Of course, at the end, Babasónicos walk away with the cash. Bravo.