Video: Mateo de la luna en compañía terrestrial -“Caída en paracaídas”

The only irregularities we could found in Mateo de la Luna’s self-titled debut were not within its sound, but in its knotty distribution and our thirst to hear more. Both quandaries will easily be resolved very soon as the Buenos Aires-based trio preps their first full-length album. Here is a stunning black and white clip of the band rehearsing a new song titled “Caída en paracaídas” captured by Mariano Martinez. Featuring footage from iconic cinematic dense films (as both, visual backdrop and intermonlogues), this clip parallels its shades of grey with the band’s contrasting melodies. This is pure aural and visual delight. Actually, it’s more than that; this is the framing of a live performance that is dreamily orchestrated in its form and solemn in its rhythmic complexity. Not too bad for a band that self-describes as having a knife in one hand and a lollipop in the other.