Stream: Carla Morrison - Jugando En Serio

Following her outstanding and star-maker album, Mientras Tu Dormias, Carla Morrison continues to prove she’s one of the hardest working ladies in the biz. The Tecatense sensation just released Jugando En Serio, a five-track EP of self-revisions that pretty much seals her position as Mexico’s new sweetheart. Carla’s recent documentary, Dolores a Colores, showed the artist driving her pickup truck around Tecate looking for a bubble machine; that's the kind of warmth you’ll find in this acoustic set. She extracted two tracks from each of her two albums and attached the “new” song “Pan Dulce” (of course, if you’ve been following her, you’ll know that song traces back to her Babaluca years). The EP is out now and streaming in its entirety via Bandcamp.

Album opener “Yo Sigo Aqui” disarms the original bundled powerhouse edit, and transitions it into an even sweeter jam. Crowd-lauded singles “Compartir” and “Lagrimas” get a similar treatment, and Morrison really goes from heart-on-her-sleeve greatness to twinkle-toed harmonies. The addition of the accordion in "Compartir" is simply phenomenal. This is definitely a more condensed production at the hands of Los Rhodes’ frontman Alejandro Jimenez, who really polishes the tiptoe quality in the novelty of her voice and heart-wrenching whispers. Jugando En Serio is still goofier than its title suggests. It’s weird to say, but in its methods, this is punkier than anything she has ever released. But it's not the best impromptu recording of her career, I’m still holding on to the demos she recorded by herself using Audacity and GarageBand, still Carla Morrison’s melodic opium. Morrison is currently prepping her third album, to be produced by her occasional band members Andres Landon and Juan Manuel Torreblanca.