Video: La Reina Morsa - "Navegar"

Music video directors Roberto Cisternas, Luc Gajardo, and NJ Lopez have combined their narrative entrepreneur spirits in La Reina Morsa’s cinematic new clip “Navegar.” This track extracted from La Reina Morsa’s impressive debut, ¿Donde Estan Las Jugueterias?, showcases the band’s eminence in making coming-of-age pieces serving from fundamental composition and adolescent isolation. This clip frames a neorealist love story of attraction and jealousy awakening, all with a great sense of comic relief. More straightforward about its lesbianism than Javiera Mena’s “Esquemas Juveniles,” this is a lovely audiovisual piece unattached of any senseless commentary beyond what’s actually presented. Also, a great companion to Mark Waters’ dazzling Mean Girls (best popcorn movie in the last 10 years).

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