Video: Lido Pimienta - "La Rata"

“Quiero matar, quiero matar,” sings Lido Pimienta in the menacing entrance of “La Rata.” That vocal sequence finds the Colombian virtuoso lamenting a world of disappointment as she adjusts her emotional canvas to confront her political discourse. “A strong, dissident and beautiful piece for the global pop avalanche in search of reformation.” Under the directing lens of Guillermo Restrepo Cervantes and featuring gorgeous masks crafted by the singer herself, this video dignifies the monumental song quite remarkably. Lido’s confrontation with the camera comments on individual and national identity while keeping things seductive and a bit gangster (which would explain the song’s inclusion on the soundtrack of HBO’s TV series Capadocia). “La Rata” is part of Lido Pimienta’s debut LP Color, recently published on vinyl by LA-based art community collective KU DE TA. And, no joke, this vinyl has to be the most gorgeous acquisition in our entire record collection.