Minidoc Me Hace Ruido: Quiero Club

In a recent talk with the great people at NME I made a joke about how dozen-project man Roberto Polo (Mr. Racoon) pretty much took half of Monterrey’s bands with him when he decided to relocate to the Mexican capital. There’s a DF invasion directly caused by the narco war violence, which lately has hit Monterrey pretty hard. Some other bands that now call Mexico City home include Bam Bam, Mentira Mentira, Hypnomango, and Quiero Club. This last band is the real eye-opener because Quiero Club is above all things, a family. In a sort of MTV Cribs layout, the always aesthetically motivated people at Me Hace Ruido documented the Happy-Fiers’ installment to their beautiful new home. The 23-minute confessional-driven minidoc is a blast, and the band also gets to play a couple of songs, including their career-best single, “Minutos de Aire.” While this home seems to only be transitional, it will be remembered as the enchanting domicile that sheltered Quiero Club’s third album.