Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial - Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial

Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial,
Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial
Independiente, Argentina
Rating: 78
by Enrique Coyotzi

Remember when MySpace was the dominating website where most emergent artists launched their projects? Since the almighty dominance of Facebook and Twitter, that social network has been dying quietly, almost without anyone’s notice, becoming (quoting Hipster Runoff enigmatic webmaster, Carles) a "digital graveyard." While it provides the option of streaming songs, in vogue innovative platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud have established as the current determining servers where independent acts can also promote and sell their works, whether via streaming or direct download.

Argentinean romantic trio Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial opted to distribute their enthralling self-titled debut EP (via MediaFire) through the almost defunct MySpace. Despite the archaic medium the band has chosen to promote this release, their bewildering beautiful songs are so hooking, it is impossible not to acknowledge them. Comprised of five short, dazzling pieces, Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial is the home of some of the year’s most arresting music; precious small melodies about love that are acutely affective and, simultaneously, feel intimately familiar. The group specializes in evocative folksy tunes that keep it simple in instrumentation, relying mainly on Mateo de la Luna and Mati Terremoto’s affable acoustic guitar playing. Mateo’s vocals are complemented by Belén Natalí’s dulcet singing and together they magnificently articulate glowing, uncanny themes. Songs like “Como una Rana” or “Absorbo Todos los Tés de Todas las Tardes” are great examples of how effectively the singers’ voices function combined.

Musically, Mateo de la Luna en Compañía Terrestrial isn’t far away from artists like Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, or Bon Iver and, while their influences are quite clear, the band has demonstrated an admirable capacity in transcendental songwriting talent, offering listeners a solid, highly re-playable EP that stands as one the year’s most delightful short-length listens. While the act's lack of DIY distribution knowledge has marginalized this release, these compelling pieces are strong enough for the band to breakthrough into the melodic village, attract publications, and possibly bring them a few lifetime fans in the process.