Video: Aias - "Tu Manes"

Aias’ debut album, A La Piscina (Captured Tracks, 2010), is so sonically eloquent and profound that it should keep the band with plenty of momentum for a good couple of years. On our Best Albums of 2010 list, CF writer Jean-Stephane Beriot described their music as “concise, nostalgic and practitioner of the hand-to-hand throwback.” Music-wise I have no clue what he meant by that last part, but it pretty much describes the trio’s new video, “Tu Manes.” Although our understanding of Catalan is limited, this song is the cultivated emotional response to a confronting breakup (the song translates as “You tell me what to do”). Under the scope of director Nick Dierl, the girls don’t disappoint in the very least. The color palette in the clip clearly accentuates the red lipstick on their lips, hinting trouble. As the vocal harmonies kick in, the girls give Charlie’s Angels some competition. La Pagina de la Nadadora also points us to a wonderful Aias-curated mix for Salad Fork, featuring some CF-favorites such as Prisma en Llamas, Margarita, and Pegasvs.