Video: Gepe - "Alfabeto"

After winning every girl’s heart at SXSW, finishing an extensive tour around Spain, and jumping on stage to sing “Debajo de Mi Lengua” alongside Julieta Venegas, Chilean heartthrob Daniel Riveros is back into the large scale promoting his masterful album Audiovision (Quemasucabeza, 2010). Following the multihued “Por La Ventana” and otherworldly “Un Dia Ayer” videos, it’s “Alfabeto” that now gets the visual narrative treatment. A year ago we applauded this song’s bundled strings and how it managed to “present domestic gratification, all while embracing pop elements with turbulent, collapsing clutches tracing back to Phil Spector.” This clip, directed by Bernardo Quesney (solo this time around), is dramatic and rustic. In our SXSW interview, Gepe described this song as one that equaled skill with artistic ambition. “I think of “Alfabeto” in the way of not saying anything. The music that I like never tells a story. It’s always little bits of ideas and scenes and images, but never a story from beginning to end. And I think Chileans are like this, we never tell an entire story."