Featured: Mentira Mentira - "TIME TIME"

Featured: Mentira Mentira - "TIME TIME"
Nene Records, Mexico
by Carlos Reyes

Now that Bam Bam’s Futura Via and Odio Paris’ self-titled album have seen the light of day (with plenty of shine), there are only two other rock albums we’re absolutely craving: the debut albums of Spain’s Pegasvs and Mexico’s Mentira Mentira. While the former has yet to announce an actual record, the latter is taking the right steps toward victory. Mentira Mentira’s Gaby is a true force of nature and having Bam Bam’s Mou on board as your producer can only make things better. The one-man act will actually be releasing two albums this year through two different labels: Meaningmore on Nene Records and Gasoline on Vale Vergas Discos. Last year, during El Garage’s last breaths, some lucky people got to download a rough cut of Meaningmore, and our assenting excitement gives us away us as part of those people. The album was removed from every corner of the web and has been building muscle with a top-notch production it clearly deserves.

With the visual eye of Jaime Martinez the band unveiled “Turnaway” a few months ago and are now back with the jaw-dropping track “TIME TIME.” This is Mentira Mentira at its best, showcasing queasy dissonance and infernal glow to the contrasting chant of Charles Manson’s “I’ll Never Say never To Always.” Yes, this is somewhat of a study on the American icon of evil. The start is peaceful and shimmering, building up to the most corrosive soundscapes you could possibly think of. The track comes with a NSFW clip that might give the creeps to more than a few people (let's see how long it takes before someone flags it on YouTube). It features footage from several documentaries about the serial killer and excerpts from Jim Van Bebber’s The Manson Family (2003). This is some kind of romantic stigma on human insanity. Horrific and toxic, yet full of emotional depth.

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