Video: Los Reyes del Falsete - "El Gran Cohete"

The immediacy of the Internet is not as cozy as we make it out to be sometimes. It took a couple of months for this eye candy video to hit our headquarters, but that delay is easy to overlook if we consider this song dates back all the way to 2009 (an eternity in blog years). Los Reyes del Falsete is a three-piece Argentinean band comprised by Nica Rex, Juanchy Munchy, and Tifa Rex. They make fluid, nonchalant pop rock and get pretty close to actual euphonic harmonies. “El Gran Cohete” is an extract from their debut album, La Fiesta de la Forma. As you can see from the odd frisson displayed in this clip (or the band members’ monikers), these guys have a hardcore fixation with dinosaurs. Yes, even Barney. Here the band crosses every visual platform to reach space, or at least enough virtual windows to ridicule NASA, The Twilight Zone, and the Marx Dinosaur toy collection.