Stream: Linda Mirada - Fabuloso San José

As previously announced with that glorious 3D Crazy-Ball platform video for “Solo,” Discoteca Oceano (in collaboration with Lovemonk) extracted a few tracks off Linda Mirada’s debut album China Es Otra Cultura (Independiente, 2009) as Ana Naranjo’s first reference with the label. Fabuloso San José is a gorgeous 12’’ four-piece maxi-single that should provide Linda Mirada with plenty of momentum before she drops her new album early next year (to be recorded in San Francisco this summer). The album consists of four pop gems that have been given the remix treatment by some truly elegant, world-renowned acts.

Fabuloso San José opens with a funky on-the-floor remix for “Solo” by the you-didn’t-know-she-was-Latina Ramona Gonzales, better known as Nite Jewel. It follows with synth pop dynamite rendition of “Tokyo” by California’s Part Time, while Ruby Suns exploits the Spanish boogie out of “Hermosilla.” We once referred to Linda Mirada as “the lost little lamb in Spain’s indie," we’re glad to see her fate shifting into a smart and ambitious career. Stream the maxi-single in its entirety, and grab one of the tracks via Altered Zones.