Video: Helado Negro - "Regresa"

With his terrific second album under the Helado Negro stage name, 2011 is sure to be a fabulous year for Roberto Carlos Lange’s alluring electro-folk project. Included in our latest compilation, Nuevo Ideal, “Regresa” is the first single extracted from the Brooklyn-based artist's adventurous new record, Canta Lechuza (Asthmatic Kitty). Directed by Chicago’s fine photographer Gus Gavino, the video for the song presents a sober white scenario where a pair of youngsters, represented by the figures of dissected foxes with petrified stares, struggle under a common situation of distressing distance; a turmoil that is expressed through a bear and its open jaws. “Regresa acá mi mujer/Ya no puedo más,” Lange croons, while the elegant male protagonist uses his dancing skills and physical expression to seduce his lady, who prefers to evade him by putting a paper napkin on her face. We eventually see the girl having flashbacks of the couple’s happy times in bed, her daily work routine, and also a trippy sequence of hypothetical death with rising souls worthy of an Animal Collective/Panda Bear video.