Video: Algodón Egipcio - "El Día Previo"

Algodón Egipcio’s very first video, “El Día Previo,” is a frame-within-a-frame fest of gorgeous composition and shredded rhythm. Mexican director Domingo Pablo takes full advantage of the widescreen, juxtaposing images in an unsuspected, almost creepy fashion. It’s so meticulous in its execution that it has been added to Vimeo’s ultra selective Staff Picks. When we described La Lucha Constante as an album of “expansive WILD continuum” and of “text and sound ambience,” this is close to what we had in mind. The idea of a multilingual karaoke is intriguing by itself, but when you add shots of nature as wallpaper, the experience is as surreal as those 3D waterfall pop ups that you used to get when you downloaded music via MP3 search engines. A beautiful first visual treat from the album we already called this year’s "wildflower."