Fonocast #11: Too Gay To Function

Fonocast #11: Too Gay To Function
by Blanca Méndez & Danny Olvera

The other day at my local produce market (shout out Cermak Produce) I spotted a stylish girl near the citrus display wearing a couple of mini flags in her hair: one was a Puerto Rican flag and the other was a rainbow flag. I committed the image to memory because it was so perfect (and because I didn't want to be a total creep taking pictures of a teenager I don't even know). This month is LGBT Pride Month in the U.S., and it's great to see my already pretty queer friendly city celebrating in different ways. Whether it's an all-out parade or a flag hair accessory, visibility is important. And it's just as important to be able to hear expressions of queerness as it is to see them, which is why this month's show is dedicated to Pride.

  • Lulu Jam! - "Dictar La Ley" (feat. La Prohibida)
  • Ricky Martin - "Livin' La Vida Loca"
  • Kumbia Queers - "Chica de Calendario"
  • Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "La Hora de Volve"
  • Chavela Vargas - "Un Mundo Raro"
  • Juan Gabriel - "Asi Fue"
  • Carmen Sandiego - "Mi novio gremlin"
  • Mecano - "Mujer contra mujer"
  • Javiera Mena - "Hasta La Verdad"
  • Alex Anwandter - "Shanana"
  • Christian Chavez - "Libertad" (feat. Anahi)
  • Alaska y Dinarama - "A quien le importa"