MP3: DJ Nombre Apellido - "¡Piérdelo!"

One third of Los Macuanos, Tijuana's prolific producer Moisés Horta, under his new project as DJ Nombre Apellido (sidekick of Tony Gallardo II's live act), is bound to murder dancefloors, exercise muscles, and pretty much get any fucking party started. “Música de baile genérica” is how Horta refers to it. This description is very modest if we evaluate the body-mover’s significant talent for shaping senses-drilling, sweaty bangers that draw his identifiable signature and plant him firmly outside a generic status. With three original productions available so far, Horta, under the ironic moniker, is rapidly earning a prestigious spot in the current Mexican electronic music field. Like big time club smashers by the likes of Daniel Maloso and Roman S, and, as its title demands, the exaggeratedly cool “¡Piérdelo!” makes you surrender to its forces with no chance of resistance–it is that magnetic, and you will lose it.

♫♫♫ "¡Pierdelo!"