MP3: Nueva Orleans - "Mediterráneo"

Diving deeper into his thrilling solo project, Nueva Orleans, visionary video director (and half of De Janeiros and Dënver) Milton Mahan transports the listener to a paradisiacal water world in “Mediterráneo.” The stellar bubbling synth-pop cut, released via Michita Rex, is taken from his upcoming first release. Commanding the whole destructive force of the sea, Mahan covers the ocean’s mysteries within this brutal avalanche that once it fully takes off, expels heat and melts icebergs, tracing a luminous spot for lost, uncharted souls. Leaving behind the chillwave-y vibe of some of his previous tracks, Mahan introduces a more straightforward delivery—pop grandiosity at its best. Structured by pleasantly anesthetic beats, intensely sentimental synth lines, an ornamental whale-crying effect, and Mahan's distinctly adolescent voice singing, "Mediterráneo" is built around such a profound mystique yet immediate impact that not falling for it is impossible.