Video: Beatriz Luengo - Lengua (ft. Shaggy & Toy Selectah)

Club Fonograma is not infallible. We sometimes get reviews wrong. We sometimes do things to deliberately set off the readers. We sometimes espouse pointless bullshit about breakfast tacos (EXCEPT THAT I'M RIGHT). And once in a while a new song squeezes through our purview of the Iberoamerican pop landscape. But Club Fonograma isn't going to sulk and ignore what we didn't catch first, cause that's the stupidest hipster move imaginable (even we have our limits, people).

So, in that spirit, we would like to present Beatriz Luengo's "Lengua" for your consideration. Part of me wants to point out its ineffably exhilarating melody, complete with late-'90s ukelele bit that will never escape your head. Another part of me wants to praise its breezy and perfect summer music video, which totally matches Luengo's charismatic vocal performance to a T. Still another part of me wants to point out that Toy Selectah has delivered what may be his masterwork with this remix of a 2011 song that, as originally composed, had no reason to be revisited. And then there's the part of me that wants to praise Shaggy for still getting work in 2012, even if I can't really tell if he's speaking Spanish or not (classic Shaggy).

Then again, why don't we stop worrying about why we didn't get around to posting this earlier or what's great about this song and just acknowledge that THIS IS THE SONG OF THE SUMMER AND ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENTLY IS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY? Yeah, I like the sound of that.