MP3: Selma Oxor - "Quiero Salir"

I assume sometimes you might wonder, “What the hell happened to Bam Bam’s ex-vocalist?” Well, in case you didn’t know, Luxor is still crafting songs as Selma Oxor. After the departure of Alexico and Ratas del Vaticano’s Violeta, the riot grrrl decided to take the reins. Following two 2011 dark seductive tracks (including her own noir take of Juan Gabriel’s “Siempre en mi mente”) and a performance at this year’s Festival Nrmal, “Quiero Salir” marks the official comeback of Selma Oxor as a single-mind act. It isn’t as in-your-face as anything included in 2009's filthy self-titled, but displays a hooking departure that ventures into dark-pop currents. With a base that resembles the industrial shuddering beats of Portishead’s “Machine Gun,” over a thick smokey atmosphere and eerie vampire-esque vocals, “Quiero Salir” is a hot return that may make you imagine what banshee sex would be like ("Oigo la música del sexo, pues para mí no hay nada más que eso").

♫♫♫  "Quiero Salir"