Video: Sundae - "Verano-Invierno"

You know those days when you just need to let off some steam and decide to throw an all-day danceathon in a mysteriously empty beachside resort with a few really attractive, stylish friends? Okay, me neither, but the video for “Verano-Invierno” makes it look like something we should all try to do.

This is the first real video from the Sevilla dream pop outfit Sundae, and, while the track was originally on their 2009 self-titled EP, they’ll be re-releasing a new version as a 7” later this month. The timing couldn’t be more appropriate as "Verano-Invierno" is the epitome of a summer jam: playful, danceable, super catchy, and a tad forgettable. “El verano empieza y todo es mejor,” coos the chorus. Indeed!

Beautifully shot by Yago Partal and crew at the retro Almadraba Park Hotel on the Costa Brava, the video draws from all your favorite ‘80s movie dance scenes (most blatantly The Breakfast Club, but there’s definitely some Flashdance, Risky Business, and Dirty Dancing references in there too) as the carefree protagonists flit and spin inside a dark racquetball court, over table tops, and into a huge empty swimming pool. With its muted colors and vintagey Instragram feel, the video could almost be too twee and Wes Andersonian for some palates, but the cheesy dance moves (hair flips! smoke machine!) and excellent editing introduce a sense of humor and cut the hipster cool in all the right places, making this hard not to love…or dance along to.