Video: Ulises Hadjis - "Dónde Va"

Ever since Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ulises Hadjis announced his second LP, Cosas Perdidas, was coming out in 2010, we’ve been eagerly waiting for it. It’s been a while (and we were already familiar with two of its pieces, “Música Normal” and “El Plan”), but the talented composer has finally released the album and the good vibey lead single, “Dónde Va.” Hadjis, well-known for his maximalist framework, exploits this characteristic at its best in this touchingly forceful return. Harmless yet encouraging, catchy yet audacious, “Dónde Va” won’t have a problem conquering the heart of optimistic daydreamers and lovers of galloping, full-of–sentiment, light pop reflections. “Correr, tropezar sin caer” we all know is a difficult task, but Hadjis' meaningful intonation transforms it into an apparent possibility. Directed by Heberto Añez, the clip's production, with its travelling footage, animated effects, and wonderful editing, goes hand in hand with the lustrous song’s latent core.