Video + MP3: Selma Oxor - "Lo que quiero"

Undoubtedly one the best comebacks of 2012 so far, Selma Oxor is putting the final touches on her yet untitled second album (set to be released via killer netlabel Vale Vergas Discos), which has rapidly become one of our most anticipated releases of the year. Led now by Luxor’s demonically erotic craftsmanship, the sexy provocateur unveils the video for “Lo que quiero,” directed by one of our favorite réaliseateurs, Txema Novelo. Even though it has been floating around Oxor's SoundCloud since last year, “Lo que quiero” feels fresher than ever. If you were turned on by Tony Gallardo II’s horny revelations in “Mi Presa” or “Mango Sweat,” Luxor functions as a female counterpart with her declaration to the guy she wants to fuck (“Tú eres fuego que enciende el deseo/Tú me excitas a cada momento/Dámelo”). With limited resources, yet striking impact, Txema Novelo keeps developing his distinctive signature with inspiring results. Exalting Luxor’s and friends (along DJ Smurphy) sensuality through drugged-out dance moves and irresistible cool, Novelo captures, in this first official video, the wildly evocative spectrum of Selma Oxor.