Featured: Los Románticos de Zacatecas - "Volver a Quererte"

Featured: Los Románticos de Zacatecas – “Volver a Quererte”

Independiente, Mexico

Los Románticos de Zacatecas are back with a new single titled “Volver a Quererte”, it's first cut from their follow up to their amazingly successful self-titled debut. The band had an amazing 2009, we witnessed their rise to relative fame in just a few months, but especially, it was nice to see them going from a MySpace band to having regular radio airplay in Mexico and the U.S. We confess we still can’t get over the band’s name. Like their music, it’s smooth and engaging, a soft male band... maybe, how abot you check the single's artwork and you tell me.

They’re one of the most pleasing newcomers to appear at this year’s Vive Latino Lineup, not only for its refreshing rock but also for their jittery aesthetics. “Volver a Quererte” brings out exactly what we like about them; they make great accessible rock songs that aren’t afraid of being either too friendly or sloppy, musically and lyrically. Also, the band knows how to operate speed as if it was an effortless melodic tool. “Solo que queda volver a quererte otra vez.”