Iconoscopio #1: Emilio José - "Eirasvedras"

While Emilio José is finishing up his first music video for “Febreiro” from the amazing Chorando Aprendese, the Spanish website Iconoscopio did a wonderfully loopy video for “Eirasvedras”, a song not even us had heard of. My friend claims all of his songs sound the same, and indeed they’re structured similarly, but he’s a master working on proximity. Iconoscopio is a videoblog that constructs videos for songs that are sent to them, the songs cannot exceed the 2-minute mark, which of course wasn’t a problem for Emilio José. The project is directed by Juan Lesta and Belen Montero, who have previously worked with some of Spain’s most renowned artists such as Fangoria, La Buena Vida and Astrud. Although the video isn’t as groundbreaking as those clips from 31 Minutos, it’s damn FRESH.