Radio Iglesia

Antonio Jimenez is responsible for crafting our favorite album of the year so far, he keeps on winning our ears constructing some really breath-taking episodes of Radio Iglesia. In the mood of Espiritu Invisible, Radio Iglesia is a playlist project hosted on Tumblr compiling some amazing music. Think of Rigo Tovar, Piyama Party, Washed Out, Los Bukis, Javiera Mena, Andres Landero, Chalino Sanchez, Bam Bam and Million Young, all reunited at a Church (and on-steam). Make sure to visit Radio Iglesia for updates and links to download these miraculous sets.

Radio Iglesia #2 (our favorite so far)

De Janeiros - "Los Caribes"
Ponytea - "Ana"
Andres Landero - "Perdi las Abarcas"
Los Mirlos - "Sonido Amazonico"
Lone Ranger - "Noah in the Ark"
White Mice - "Youths of Today"
Ablehearts - "Winter Wind"
Million Young - "Weakend"
Pedropiedra - "Ayayayay"
Coconot - "Verbena de los Delfines"
Chalino Sanchez - "Nocturno a Rosario"
Carlos Lico - "No"