Video: Lido Pimienta - "Mueve"

Lido Pimienta’s Color EP is out on sale through her MySpace, she’s already one of the year’s breakthroughs but we can tell you the new songs are as thrilling as “La Rata” and “Mueve.” While she doesn't have a label to rely on, nothing is holding her back, she’s applying her many talents into the release of her album; like hand-making the album's gorgeous artwork and improvising a video. Her webcam videos have revealed her energetic personality; when she’s not exposing her son Lucian to wonderful music (here), she’s making a bunch of Canadian hipsters dance to Rita Indiana’s “La Hora de Volve" (here).

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the video for her first single “Mueve” is the bubbliest thing we’ve seen this year. It was directed by Los Edisons, two Colombian directors who also reside in Canada. The video is pretty simple, but engaging from beginning to end. While watching this I can only ask myself why I’ve never shown such vivacity, she is alive! “Solo tu alma te salva, y la musica te calma y te sana.”


  1. it's missing a background haha, I imagined this video to be kinda tribal, salvaje! but it's good, she lifts up my spirit

    she has a son? she looks VERY young

  2. Lido es la mas!
    Es bien simple pero su energia es explosiva!

    Grande Lido! Grosa!

  3. With such limited resources, you need Lido's personality and charm to pull it off, fun to watch.

  4. ¿Que edad tiene Lido y de que país es? Me gustó mucho su video y canción, entretenida, dinámica, motivadora.
    PD: Viva Chile... la música te sana

  5. Hola amigos! Gracias por el articulo gracias por los comments y todo!
    thank you for the great feedback, I really really appreciate it!

    I am 23 and my son is 2, I am married and go to school in Canada to hopefully one day be an art Curator and Critic! Yay! I am from Colombia, born in Barranquilla and do everything independently with lots of love!

    tengo 23 anios, my hijo tiene 2, soy casada y voy a la escuela en Canada para ser Critica y Curadora de Arte algun dia. Naci en Barranquilla, Colombia y todo mi arte es hecho a mano, independiente con mucho amor!

    much love!!!