Happy-Fi Free Sampler Spring 2010

Happy-Fi is really mounting up on the shortlist for Mexico’s finest label. They’ve always assured quality, but their latest stuff is just colossally great. At the very least, they are scoring some major singles, some of them making their way into anthems. They’re sharing their Free Sampler Spring 2010, featuring Monterrey’s Quiero Club, Niña, El Cuarto, Yo! Linares and Pato Machete. Also, we would like to highlight the songs by Los Erres and d3NdRON which are great but have been previously neglected by us. But especially, get the original cut of “Datos Intimos” by She’s a Tease, the Disco Ruido’s brilliant club mix overshadowed (in a nice way) the already classy hymn. Grab these songs HERE.