Video: De Janeiros - "Montreal"

Chile’s Michitarex has barely two releases out and they’re already becoming one of our favorite Netlabels. With the subtitle ‘Musica para el fin del mundo”, we must say they’re as fresh as it can get. Chile’s recent devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake has obviously postponed a lot of music projects, but it’s wonderful to see music’s strength heal some of the pain at least by means of distraction. De Janeiro’s Plateado is Michitarex’s first official artist-release, which opens wonderfully with “Montreal”, the album’s best track and its first single. The video is stunning, post-industrial bravura with chromatic effects. Andrew Casillas highlights the song’s “swirling keyboards and sound effects, and fire alarm-level of urgency”, the video helmed by Rosario Gonzalez parallels that sonic rush pigmentation.