Video: White Ninja - "Zombie Town"

Monterrey’s Roger Ivan Camara better known as ‘Bul’ kept us busy last year releasing albums under DJ Golonosh, Fuck Her Or The Terrorists Win, Zozaya, The Re, Album, and producing some great stuff by Mr. Racoon, Sr. Amable and The Mocks. It seems like he will be taking 2010 at a much sober pace, but he sent us this quirky video for White Ninja’s “Zombie Town.” It’s our favorite track from their thrilling debut Guacala Los Modernos y Su Electro, which happened to be one of Mexico's breakthrough bands of 2009 next to with Piyama Party and Selma Oxor. The video captures the band at its most sincere and meaningful moment, playing a gig at someone’s living room perhaps. Very dramatic on what it allows us to see, while using uncontinuity shots and editing to reach the highly bundled track. Oh, and as always, Alexico steals the show. White Ninja will be performing at Festival NRML this weekend and is one of the many local acts set to perform at the MtyMX Festival .