Los Amparito - "4500 millones de años de soledad"

We don’t know about you, but Los Amparito sure seem like THE most interesting act to catch at this year’s SXSW. Carlos Pesina is one talented kid, what appeared like a difficult project to endorse proved to find a cheerful audience. “Por Medio de la Lectura” didn’t make them a household name, but Los Amparito wowed the right people and the buzz among ‘the scene’ was overwhelming. Pepepe, as he is also known, was recently robbed by some corrupt bastard cops who decided to keep his laptop and now the group is hoping to raise some money so they can survive through Festival NRML and SXSW.

Los Amparito has set up a website where you can donate money and also download four of their tracks, including the remarkable “Las Miradas de Magaly” and their remix for Carla Morrison’s “Buena Malicia.” The band will also release an official remix for Julieta Venegas, we can hardly wait. But to get you in Los Amporito mode, here is a song we had yet to share with you, it's titled "4500 millones de años de soledad" and it's sublime.