El Trio De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - "Miercoles"

Ciencia de Los Inutiles is the first 2010 release by Omar Rodriguez Lopez. Ok, that’s supposed to be funny. You know us bloggers complain on the amount of album he puts out every year, but in reality, we admire the fact that he is actually able to pull it off. As we mentioned on the Xenophanes review, Ximena Sariñana’s vocals play astonishingly great among Rodriguez’s expressive hysteria. It’s hard to measure the impact of a release like El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, but judging from this video alone the magic is still there. "Miercoles" is as smooth and slow-paced as my nostalgic Wednesdays. This is good enough to salivate for Ximena’s sophomore album, which Omar is also producing, but of course, it will be extra special.