Cartel Vive Latino 2010

It’s Festival lineup season, the best thing about it is that we get to study the trends, changes and possible consensus of where music is and where it's going. Like it or not, Vive Latino is Latin America’s answer to Coachella and although we’re never totally convinced about their lineup, we like the festival a lot. First, because of its intentions to revive culture, it might not accomplish such goal but it certainly tries. Second, they welcome new bands and see them grow through the years. And third, for the last couple of years we’ve seen them taking off their RockEnEspañol badge and integrate pop music throughout their three stages.

The lineup is good enough, but it doesn’t excite us as much as MtyMX, I know both festivals are different but if we’re traveling south the border, we clearly have Monterrey on our mind. Especially because once again, there’s no Bam Bam in there, and a bunch of our favorite bands. Not to say Bam Bam is the greatest band in the world, but it is certainly is Mexico’s most exciting new band in years, and if that's not on there, well, they're clearly missing some. But then again, we can criticize MtyMX for its lack of pop and South American acts.

As in any case, it’s hard to be fully pleased, we’re still waiting for the day Tego Calderon is listed as a headliner. But there are a bunch of bands we’re excited for, and congratulate on their participation at this year’s Vive. Here is the list of the goodies, according to Club Fonograma. You can find the full list HERE.

Astro, Aterciopelados, Austin TV, Banda de Turistas, Calexico, Calle 13, Celso Piña, Chetes, Ely Guerra, Furland, LeBaron, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los Negretes, Los Romanticos de Zacatecas, Manuel Garcia, Nacho Vegas, Nos Llamamos, Pedro Piedra, Quiero Club & Vicente Gayo.