Video: Esteman - La Cosita Tropical (Acústico)

As we took not on our Panamerika show, Esteman is one of the names that could define 2010 for us. Perhaps the sound itself isn’t that appealing in terms of how we picture this year to sound like, but in mood and spirit Esteman is quite the glory (and the escapism). While Teleradio Donoso and their year’s anthem “Bailar y Llorar” helped us get through the recession last year, Esteban Meneses’ glamorous pop is one step from claiming its emancipation from the subliminal world we’re surrounded by. “No Te Metas A Mi Facebook” is a hit, but Esteman is no one-hit wonder. If only for “La Cosita Tropical” which is pure genius, the guy really knows how to carry his humor and crosses genres, culture, and identities in this hot upcoming single. This is an awesome cut from an acoustic session he recorded with his Esteband last December in Bogota. We’re in urgent need of legitimate popstars, he could be up for such title.