Call for writers!

Here’s some news for you, Club Fonograma is looking to expand its staff. We’ve always kept it to ourselves but since we can’t seem to find time for it, we could use another writer or two. First, let me clarify that this blog doesn’t earn any money; it’s actually the other way around, so we’re obviously not offering any money. But you do get to approach music in a beautiful way. We’re looking for some bright music fan that actually enjoys writing album reviews. Just to let you know, in our selection process taste is equally important to critical skill.

Last time we did a ‘call for writers’ shout we received around 70 responds by interested bloggers, if you think that’s something you might want to do in your free time, don’t hesitate and fill out this questionnaire! We’ve been telling you about this on our Twitter page for almost a week, so if you already answered the ‘old’ questionnaire (and sent it to us) you don’t need to answer this new one, unless you want to.

Name. Age. Location. About You.
01 Top 10 favorite (latin) albums of the decade 00-09
02 Top 10 favorite (latin) albums of 2009
03 Your 3 favorite labels
04 Why you like Club Fonograma?
05 Your favorite color
06 Mediafire or Rapidshare?
07 Favorite reggaeton songs
08 Favorite blogs
09 Favorite song from Esquemas Juveniles
10 Favorite song from Cuatro Caminos
11 Your favorite Fonogramaticos, and why?
12 Top 5 films of the decade

Send your answers to