MP3: Ardnaxela - "Tirijala"

Most songs we get on our mail don’t get into our blog, especially if they’re not entirely current. Well, this song certainly breaks the pattern. Ardnaxela is a Puerto Rican singer who knows resides in Mexico City, she released an album titled Telecine de la Tarde back in 2005, but I never got to listen to the album or read/heard much about it, except for this one song “Tirijala.” Now, that was five years ago and I had horrible taste, I didn’t know better, but I remember getting this song from a kid from Barcelona during my senior year in High School. It inhabited my iPod for a while until it died, then I lost all my mp3s and to be honest, I forgot about this song.

This morning this track showed up on our inbox and asked if we wanted to share it, you should’ve seen my smile. But I was scare to play it, although it’s always nice to revive past moments I’m a different kid now and my ears are different too. Now I find myself singing it again, and surprised at how much I like it. It’s got that nice timeless fashion, very soundtrack oriented. In fact, I can’t seem to think of the song without thinking of Florinda Meza! For those of you who have enjoyed my recent obsession for ‘la canción latinoamericana' revival (Esteman, Pedro Piedra, Adanowsky, Juango Davalos) you’ll love this. It also reminds me of Ely Guerra and Spain’s Single.

Ok, enough with my coming of age and download this. Ardnaxela is currently working on new songs for an EP, looking forward to hear it. “Busco un amigo, mi amante bien amable.”