Sneak Peak: Los Planetas feat. La Bien Querida - "No se como te atreves"

We've been waiting for a proper rip of this song for a while, but it's taking too long. Los Planetas are back with a new single, such news good news is enough for Spain's indie scene to tremble. But if you add La Bien Querida in there, well, let’s say we can hardly hold ourselves for this one. We’re talking about Spain’s pop royalty band working with 2009’s breakthrough artist, exciting! Los Planetas will be performing at both SXSW and MtyMX, eventually releasing their new album Opera Egipcia next month, so be aware that they’ll probably bring copies to sell during both festivals. And last time we heard, Nacional Records will be releasing Romancero (our #6 album of 2009) in the states, very thrilled! This single is titled “No se como te atreves”, we hesitate to comment on its quality for obvious reasons, but it’s living up to the hype. You can read more info on Los Planetas forthcoming release via Hipersonica.